Slip and fall accidents can be painful and traumatic experiences that can result in serious injuries. If you’re involved in a slip-and-fall accident, there are several steps you should take to protect yourself and ensure that you get the help and compensation you need. 

To pursue reimbursement for your economic and non-economic damages, you must consult an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer who can fight and protect your rights. As slip-and-fall cases may be difficult to win, legal advice may change the course of your case. Let’s glimpse the essential steps you must take after facing a slip-and-fall negligence case.

Steps To Follow After a Fall Accident

Here are 5 Steps you should take after a slip-and-fall accident:

  • Seek medical attention: If you’re injured, you should first seek medical attention. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, getting checked out by a doctor is important. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and prompt medical attention can help to prevent complications and ensure that you get the treatment you need.
  • Report the accident: Report the accident to the property owner or manager as soon as possible. Ensure that the incident is recorded in writing, including the accident’s date, time, and location. Take pictures of the scene and any hazards that may have contributed to the accident, if possible.
  • Consult with an accident lawyer: Consider consulting with an injury lawyer experienced in handling slip and fall injury cases. They can help you navigate the legal process, gather evidence, and negotiate a settlement with the property owner or insurance company.
  • Inspect the Scene: After falling, one of the best times to pin down the actual cause of the fall accident is immediately after getting hurt. You must check the following:
  • What caused you to fall? 
  • Was the floor wet? 
  • Did the store allow too many people to shop at once?

You can determine whether to sue a store employee, the owner, or whoever made a mistake. 

  • Take Photographs: If the accident victim manages to capture some of the pictures of the accident scene, the jury will have more powerful evidence to look at. Whether you are sure or not, you must capture the accident scene, photos of the floor, the area around you if wet, or anything that surrounds the area. Your attorney can then easily determine what they can use to their advantage later.
  • Identify Witnesses: Witnesses may be difficult to convince to verify their version of events. If a fall accident happens at the business, customers may prove to be the best witnesses. Therefore, collecting their contact details and asking for their name, address, and email address is vital. Furthermore, you can also ask them to verify what they saw at the scene.
  • Gather information: Get the contact information of witnesses who saw the accident. After filing a slip-and-fall claim, you may need their testimony later if you decide to pursue compensation. If possible, also get the name and contact information of the property owner or manager and any employees present during the accident.
  • Keep records: Keep detailed records of your injuries, medical treatment, and any expenses related to the accident. This can include medical bills, transportation costs, and lost wages if you have to take time off work.

Sustained a slip And Fall Injury? Contact An Attorney

If you have been involved in a slip-and-fall accident and need legal help, you can search for a qualified lawyer in your area. Look for attorneys specializing in personal injury law and have experience handling slip-and-fall cases.