If an individual is representing their case themselves, they may be at a disadvantage in court due to a lack of trial skills and knowledge of the legal system. Furthermore, the judges have less patience for the defendants fighting their cases and are unaware of the court’s rules. Therefore, if you are going to trial for your DUI case or are involved in a traffic violation, you must have a DUI defense attorney representing your case.

How can an attorney help you in your DUI/DWI case?

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While being impaired by drugs is a criminal offense that may involve severe penalties and consequences. You may be charged a $500 to $1000 fine, which can vary according to your state and region. Sometimes, your license may also get suspended for at least a year, and in serious cases involving accidents, there may be 3 to 5 years of probation. (Learn more on important facts about drinking and driving)

In these cases, the bail charges are high and can be $10,000 or more, depending on the other party’s demands. Therefore, having an experienced criminal attorney by your side in the criminal court is essential. They can guide you in different ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • Give the most appropriate legal advice
  • Plea deal DUI charges or first standard DUI cases
  • To avoid your license suspension
  • To prevent any harm done to your record
  • Represent your rights in trial 

Give the most appropriate legal advice

Due to their complexity, Someone with no legal experience may not understand the legal procedures. Furthermore, the opposing party may take undue advantage of you not knowing about the legal system, making your case more vulnerable. Therefore, hiring a DUI lawyer who understands the DUI laws and penalties and can help you with your arrest stay is best. 

They will give you appropriate advice by analyzing the legal perspective from every angle. You can discuss with them every detail of your case by sharing with them police reports and other essential documents. It will also give you the severity of your DUI case and the charges that may be imposed on you if you exceed DUI Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limits. 

Plea deal DUI charges or first standard DUI cases

Each defendant must have a plea deal before their case goes to trial. A plea deal refers to a settlement deal provided by the prosecution. The parties involved in the case decided by agreeing on the settlement amount. 

Every individual who is standard first DUI is provided with a similar plea deal without considering that they have legal professionals on their side. Any offense will be a standard first DUI only when the offender has no previous record of DUI convictions and the offense does not involve any injuries or accidents. 

In many cases, the individuals choose to settle. Here comes the role of an attorney who will help you by pointing out the loopholes in the settlement agreement and will advise you on what is best for you. 

To avoid your license suspension

License suspension will come as one of the penalties that will start when you are caught till the proceedings of the court will end. Therefore, the license of the individual who is charged with DUI charges will be suspended for a defined time. 

However, the suspension time may vary depending on the severity of the offense. In this scenario, the DUI lawyer may help you by guiding you in the right direction that may prevent you from license suspension for a long time. 

Some punishments are also associated with automobile locks. In this, the motor vehicle will be installed with devices that an individual has to blow every time they want to drive. The lock will only be opened when they detect that there are no drugs or alcohol in your system. An attorney by your side may prevent you from such penalties if you are charged with drunk driving. 

To avoid any harm done to your record

DWI charges may also create a criminal record for you. Even if you may have a plea bargain and settle the matter, the offense will be present on your record. It will be one of your shortcomings whenever you apply for a job. Employees may not hire you if you have a criminal record. 

If you have a lawyer defending your case, the process may become smooth, and the information may become private. They may also help you to reduce your penalties, and you may be able to do community service.

Represent your rights in trial

In the courtroom, there may be many legal aspects that you may be unaware of while the case is on trial. The prosecutor may also bring facts that you cannot defend yourself. Therefore, an experienced attorney may help you from unwanted things that may happen in the courtroom. 

Involved in a DUI/DWI crime? Contact a lawyer

If you are charged with DUI charges, it may be impossible for you to represent your case in the courtroom without any experience. The judges may not consider you as you do not know the court’s rules and the legal system. 

An experienced DUI/DWI lawyer may be a boon for you as they will not only help reduce your charges but also make the legal procedure smoother.