Applicants may submit Form N-565 to request the issuance of a replacement Certificate of Citizenship or a Certificate of Naturalization to correct the name or DOB if the correction is justified due to USCIS error. No filing fee is required for an application based on a USCIS error.

Can I Change My Name During The Oath Ceremony?

Absolutely! During the naturalization process, you can request a name change on your Certificate of Citizenship by submitting a Petition for a Name Change at the swearing-in ceremony. Simply complete form N-565 and present it to the USCIS officer during the ceremony. 

If there are no issues, the officer will approve the name change, and your certificate will be issued with the updated name. It’s important to note that a USCIS officer has no legal authority to change your name; only a judge can make this change. Therefore, if your oath ceremony doesn’t involve a judge, this option may not be available. 

N-400 Name Change

You can request a name change during your naturalization interview by filling out the name change request section on Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Following approval, you will be issued a certificate reflecting your legal name change during the swearing-in ceremony.

However, if the USCIS officer denies your name change request during the interview, you cannot proceed with the name change as part of the naturalization process. In such cases, you must file Form N-565 after receiving your naturalization certificate to change your name legally.

For guidance tailored to your situation and jurisdiction, it’s advisable to consult with an immigration attorney who can navigate the specific requirements in your state.

How To Do Name Change After Naturalization Process?

A common approach is to follow your state’s prescribed name change court procedure. Here are steps to successfully change your name through state court post-naturalization:

  • Consult an attorney: Seek guidance from your attorney, who can review your state’s specific name change requirements and forms.
  • Gather necessary documents: Collect documents like government ID, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and birth certificates.
  • Complete name change petition: File a name change petition with your local state civil court, outlining the reasons for the change.
  • Attend court hearings: Some states may require a name change hearing where the judge assesses your petition and evidence.
  • Receive court order: If approved, the court will issue a formal order validating your legal name change.

How To Apply for a Replacement Naturalization Document?

Upon the court’s acceptance of your name change request, you may need to apply for a new naturalization certificate with the corrected name. This involves submitting Form N-565 to request a replacement naturalization document. (Learn more on how to apply for the U.S. Citizenship)

For guidance on the optimal approach to correcting or changing your name during the naturalization process, consult your immigration and naturalization lawyer. They can provide tailored advice based on your specific circumstances and the tests you may undergo while obtaining U.S. citizenship.

What to Expect After Submitting Form N-565?

The process typically takes around ten months following the submission of Form N-565 for a replacement naturalization certificate with your updated name. However, processing times may vary depending on the workload of your local USCIS office. 

You can check the estimated processing times for Form N-565 at your USCIS location. If your case surpasses the anticipated processing time, consider contacting USCIS for further clarification and updates.

Need Help With Obtaining U.S. Citizenship? Contact a lawyer

An immigration lawyer can be crucial in facilitating a name change during the naturalization process. They will guide you through the complex legal requirements, assist in completing the necessary forms like Form N-565, and ensure that your request aligns with your state’s specific regulations.

FAQs On Correcting Your Name When Obtaining U.S. Citizenship

The Form-565 filing fee is associated with the Application for Replacement Naturalization Document (Form N-565). The filing fee is $555. This form requests a replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged naturalization certificate or citizenship document.
Changing your name before or after naturalization depends on personal preference. Some individuals change their names during the naturalization process by indicating the desired name in the appropriate section of the application (Form N-400). Others may legally change their name through a separate court petition after naturalization.
After receiving a new naturalization certificate, updating various records is crucial. This includes updating your Social Security record, driver's license, passport, and other official documents with your new citizenship status. Ensuring consistency across all official records helps streamline processes and avoids potential discrepancies.