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Who Do You Call After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be significant life events that wreak havoc on the health and well-being of those involved. One day, you are simply out driving your car or walking along the road when suddenly you are the victim of a crash. Many people are confused about what to do after they have been involved in an accident. In addition to calling the police and emergency medical assistance, consulting a legal professional who handles personal injury claims is also vital. Read More

Auto Accident Scenarios: Who is Responsible?

Determining fault in an auto accident is a vital aspect of claiming damages in many states. In states where fault is at issue, damages will only be paid out to the injured party if they can show wrongdoing by the other driver. There are generally two avenues for obtaining compensation after an automobile accident, whether by the insurance company's claim process or through a personal injury lawsuit. There are moments when it is obvious who is to blame, such as in most rear-end collisions. Sometimes, though, there can be more than one person who is to blame. Read More

Signing a Legal Bond in the Entertainment Industry Can Be Difficult

The entertainment industry can be stringent when it comes to signing legal bonds as surety for a new project. A surety bond is a promise to pay a debt on behalf of another if they default. It is a three-party contract where one party guarantees contract performance of another party to a third party. If you are in the entertainment industry and need a legally enforceable surety bond, you may want to consider several aspects. It is always better to consult an entertainment attorney before signing any kind of legal bond. Read More

How Entertainment Attorneys Can Help Music Professionals

With the digital revolution of the past decade and cutting-edge advancements in technology, the legal sphere has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. This includes the entertainment industry, in which its professionals require legal services for nearly every aspect. Now we are going to tackle why a music professional or other individual in the entertainment industry may ever need a legal consultation from an entertainment attorney. Read More