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What to Do if a Car Accident Leads to Brain Injury in Miami

  • Accidents often result in brain injuries that can either be life-threatening or severely impair the victim’s ability to function. These injuries can require months or even years of recovery, potentially leading to a massive financial crisis.

    Accident statistics show that many accidents lead to traumatic brain injury, which often ends in death or permanent disabilities. When injuries are caused by negligence, you can seek the help of a Miami Brain Injury Lawyer. 


    What are the kinds of brain injuries?


    There are two main kinds of brain injuries:


    • Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, which occurs when external force affects how the individual’s brain functions. It can be caused by:

    • Motor vehicle accidents

    • Accidental falls

    • Getting struck by an object


    • Other acquired brain injury, which is generally caused when untreated disease or lack of oxygen has led to brain damage. It can occur with:

    • Medical malpractice

    • Room infections

    • Heart attack misdiagnosis

    • Surgical errors

    • Stroke misdiagnosis

    • Near-drowning accidents


    If you have suffered a brain injuries caused by another party’s negligence, you may be able to claim personal injury compensation for the economic and non-economic damages you have faced.


    What do you need to do if you have suffered a TBI?


    When a person has sustained a brain injury due to another person's negligence, you need to contact a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer who can review your case and require payment only when you receive fair compensation. 


    What are the causes of brain injury and kinds of brain injury claims?


    • TBI caused by motor vehicle accidents, in which the claimant seeks compensation from the manufacturer of a failed auto part that caused the accident.


    • TBI caused by slip and fall accidents, in which the individual or company responsible for maintaining the location where the accident occurred may be responsible for compensating the victim and family members.


    • TBI caused by accidents on construction sites, such as when the victim falls, is struck by an object, experiences machinery malfunctions, or is harmed by falling debris, in which the victim may sue negligent owners and contractors that have not followed mandatory safety protocols or other safeguards.


    • TBI caused by injuries aboard sea vessels that have slippery decks or poor maintenance. You can hold the owner or operator responsible for the accident and for compensating you for both emotional and financial losses you suffered.


    • TBI caused by intentional acts by another person.


    • Another type of brain injury is a diffuse axonal injury, which can lead to a person's wrongful death. It is a blunt injury on a wide area of the brain usually caused by a car accident in high-speed collisions. With the help of the attorney, you can get the case investigated and seek the compensation you deserve.


    • The brain injury can involve internal bleeding within the skull, which is also known as a brain hemorrhage. Sometimes there may be a clot formation known as a hematoma due to the accident or falling from the height. Getting an attorney on board will help you get a better legal strategy to fight compensation claims.


    • Sometimes the victim can suffer from a penetrating brain injury due to a car accident or construction site mishap. The car’s driver or the property owner will usually be responsible, and your attorney will help you recover the compensation.


    • The person with brain injury may suffer from hypoxia due to the inhalation of smoke in case of fires or near-drowning experience, or medical malpractice can lead to this kind of brain injury. The compensation can get claimed to the extent of the damages that occurred.


    How can you identify whether there is a brain injury?


    Before you make a brain injury claim, your attorney needs to prove that you have had a brain injury. They can help you navigate the legal procedures, including the collection of proper medical documents from a licensed physician. The doctor will document your symptoms, the severity of the brain injury, and how it can affect your ability to lead a quality life and livelihood.

    The most common symptoms are:

    • Memory lapses

    • Change in sleeping habits

    • Seizures and convulsions

    • Drastic changes in mood

    • Slurred speech

    • Persistent headaches

    • Nausea or vomiting


    It can be helpful to hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue prompt legal action and claims so that you can get better treatment for your injuries. The compensation can also help to replace the loss of income and help you cope with life's condition.

    What can your lawyer fight for?

    When brain injuries occur, the victim and their family members may have to cope with mounting medical expenses. Because the person often cannot go to work, they may experience a loss of income for both the present and the future.

    The victim may have to undergo physical, occupational, and rehabilitation therapy, have their home modified, and pursue counseling for their mental trauma. The physical and emotional pain caused due to the brain injury, future medical expenses, special education costs, and caregiver wages are things that can be claimed by your attorney as compensation.

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