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Signing a Legal Bond in the Entertainment Industry Can Be Difficult

  • The entertainment industry can be stringent when it comes to signing legal bonds as surety for a new project. A surety bond is a promise to pay a debt on behalf of another if they default.


    It is a three-party contract where one party guarantees contract performance of another party to a third party. If you are in the entertainment industry and need a legally enforceable surety bond, you may want to consider several aspects. It is always better to consult an entertainment attorney before signing any kind of legal bond.


    When Should You Consult an Entertainment Attorney?


    There are dozens of situations when you should consult with an entertainment attorney prior to legally obligating yourself to a company or another person. Some situations when an entertainment attorney can help you make legally sound decisions include:


    • Consult an entertainment attorney prior to and during contract negotiations. A lawyer will use training and experience to facilitate negotiations in a manner that represents your interests. They will advise you on all kinds of contracts, including legally enforceable surety bonds. An entertainment attorney may also help to negotiate fee arrangements. 

    • If you want to connect with other industry players, you should consult an entertainment attorney. Entertainment lawyers are excellent networkers. They interact and collaborate with industry professionals regularly. A competent attorney can help connect you with other entertainment professionals, whether they are producers, studios, or talent. Contact an Entertainment Attorney California professionals have trusted for years to work as a liaison between you and other like-minded professionals. A lawyer may also be able to connect you to venues, tax preparers, business managers, and agents. 

    • Are you thinking about filing for protection of your intellectual property? People mistakenly limit their idea of intellectual property to patents but IP encompasses any work or invention that is the result of creativity. Consult an entertainment attorney if you are a creative professional and want to protect your intellectual property. A lawyer will make every effort to protect your copyrighted or trademarked intellectual property. Examples of creative intellectual property include comedic routines, song lyrics, music compositions, manuscripts, and more. 

    • Want to join a union or association within the entertainment industry? Consult an entertainment attorney. Most industries have professional associations, guilds, and unions that can be difficult to gain entry to. An entertainment attorney will help determine what credentials are required for membership, file relevant documentation, and network with association members to pursue membership on your behalf. 


    Entertainment Attorneys: Who Do They Represent?


    What does an entertainment attorney represent? What are their roles and responsibilities? Who do they represent? 


    There is an endless variety of talent in the entertainment industry that attorneys may represent. Some of these include:

    • Comedy

    • Music

    • Television and film

    • Electronic media and print media


    A lot of situations require the advice and counsel of an entertainment attorney. A creative professional may hire an entertainment lawyer for some of the following reasons:

    • To research case law relevant to their industry and profession.

    • To help a client secure distribution rights related to intellectual properties.

    • For taking legal action in case of a breach of contract or stolen intellectual property.

    • To negotiate contracts.

    • To file for copyright or trademark protections of valuable intellectual property.


    Signing a Legal Bond in the Entertainment Industry and Its Challenges


    A creative project involves multiple parties. For example, a single project may include the author of the script, a music composer, a development deal with a studio, creative talent, and more. Prior to signing a bond, a creative professional should understand what legal obligations they are agreeing to. They should consult an entertainment attorney. Contact a Business Attorney Los Angeles entertainment professionals trust to handle all their entertainment business needs.  


    Entertainment Attorney Connections in the Industry


    Before choosing an entertainment attorney, always research their involvement in the industry. An effective attorney needs to have professional relationships in the various parts of the entertainment industry, such as in film and music. An attorney needs these relationships to successfully negotiate contracts for their clients. An entertainment attorney must also have marketing skills since he has to work with various professionals and clients. 


    Creative professionals experience a lot of ups and downs compared to those employed in other industries. If a creative professional is experiencing a scarcity of projects, an entertainment attorney can help. An attorney may connect with other professionals in the industry to coordinate interesting projects for the client. Business development is one of the many critical skill sets that good entertainment attorneys should possess. 


    The entertainment industry is not easy for any creative professional. They will face legal challenges almost daily whether negotiating contracts or networking for new projects. An entertainment lawyer can help a creative professional in a multitude of ways, such as reviewing and advising on contracts and finding suitable projects. Signing an agreement in the entertainment industry involves understanding several aspects. Therefore, a creative professional should consult with an entertainment attorney before agreeing to anything. 

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