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How Much Does a Motorcycle Accident Cost?

  • Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of suffering serious injury in the event of any severe accident. They do not have the protection of airbags, steel frames, or any other safety feature that can cushion them from crashes or other accidents. It can be a struggle for a motorcycle accident victim to recover from their injuries. Personal injury law, otherwise known  as tort law, allows an individual to recover the considerable damages they have incurred in a motorcycle accident. However, riders can only recover compensation when they are abiding by the laws. Even a minor collision can result in huge losses and medical expenses. You have the right to recover compensation when you do the right thing and still suffer a loss.

    Motorcycle Laws Los Angeles California Must Follow

    Before we proceed, let's learn more about the motorcycle laws one must follow in Los Angeles, California.

    • The driver on the motorcycle must pass an approved education course.
    • The driver must possess a driver's license.
    • The driver must be at least 16 years of age to get the license. However, you can still collect motorcycle accident compensation if you do not have a license. You must consider contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles trusts to learn more about the process.
    • Minor individuals or rides below the age of 18 must have legal permission from their local guardians to be on the motorcycle.
    • Riders younger than 21 years old need to complete the California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Training Course (CHP MTC)

    Motorcycle riders are vulnerable and often suffer critical injuries. It is essential for motorcycle riders in Los Angeles to have insurance coverage. The insurance can help in protecting your rights and help you in critical situations. Here are the minimum liability coverages that you must own:

    • $15,000 personal injury coverage (one person)
    • $30,000 personal injury coverage (multiple individuals)
    • $5,000 property damages

    How much does a motorcycle accident generally cost?

    The cost of a motorcycle accident will vary depending on the amount of damages it causes. It may comprise personal injuries and property damages that a person may incur because of the motorcycle accident.

    • Medical expenses and bills resulting from your injury: A motorcycle accident often results in complicated injuries and can affect you financially. Some injuries will last for a long time, and you will have to bear the expense as long as the treatment continues. Victims should consider the past, present, and future costs related to the accident. When applying for personal injury compensation, an individual must keep these things in mind and include all the related fees.
    • The severity of injuries that you sustained: The most severe injuries can affect your life's quality, which may impact your family as well.
    • Lost income and potential to earn: The most severe accidents can result in huge complications, and an individual may take months or years to get back on their feet. It could be especially difficult for victims if they were the sole earner of their families. It can take a critical toll on the earning potential of the victim. The law allows victims to seek compensation for lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and potential future loss.
    • Property damage: You must also consider any or all types of damages caused to the property. If there are any dents or injuries, you must include that cost in the compensation.
    • Other damages: Certain types of non-economic and monetary damages may impact the overall quality of life—pain and suffering, emotional suffering, and loss of consortium.

    You must seek compensation for these damages in a motorcycle accident.

    How to collect evidence after motorcycle accidents?

    Many insurance agencies often make statements such as “they must have been speeding” or “they must have been breaking laws”. These are some of the statements they make to avoid or reduce the overall compensation. This is the reason why it is necessary to gather evidence to prove your claim. Here are some of the ways you can collect evidence to prove and win your claim:

    • Collect evidence from the video footage: You can seek the help of an attorney or police officer to get access to the footage from nearby security cameras. You must also consider capturing photos and videos of the scene.
    • Police report: The police can also help in investigating and providing an accurate assessment of the situation. Many riders often make this mistake and do not report the accident. Regardless of whether the accident was minor or major, you must consider reporting it to the police. It will strengthen your case and help you receive compensation for the injuries.
    • Evidence from eyewitnesses: Witnesses can provide unbiased insights and will share the details of the accident. You should consider getting in touch with eyewitnesses and noting down their contact details. It will strengthen your case and get you one step closer to the claim.

    You can always contact an auto accident lawyer Los Angeles CA trustrs to gather evidence. Get a free consultation from a motorcycle accident attorney so you can seek compensation for your injuries.

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