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Austin TX Law Firm With Legal Representation For Construction Site Injuries

Textarea: Construction site injuries, especially accidents with large equipment or trash facilities, can lead to serious injury or death. A construction site accident might be the most recent of these occupational risks that many employers neglect to prepare for. Negligence on the part of the employer could result in false imprisonment, personal injury, wrongful termination,...Read More

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Philadelphia

Textarea: Whether you are facing a criminal or civil traffic violation, the consequences of a conviction are significant. If you have been issued a citation for a traffic violation or arrested for a criminal traffic violation, before you give in – contact our Philadelphia Traffic Ticket Lawyer at Velter Yurovsky Zoftis Sokolson, LLC.

Preventing Slips and Falls at Restaurants and Eateries

Textarea: According to the National Floor Safety Institute, more than 3 million food service employees and 1 million guests experience severe injuries on the premises of restaurants and eateries, including those caused by slips and falls. Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries. In addition to harming the injured guests and staff members, these accidents...Read More

Don’t Fall Victim to Legal Pitfalls in the Entertainment Industry

Like most other industries, many aspects of the entertainment business require the protection of an individual’s or entity’s rights. So whether you are a financier, producer, creative professional, or other related professional, you likely need legal help. How can an entertainment attorney help you? They can help you draft the agreements you enter into and advise you when you sign onto a project or a contract. In addition, they can help you when disputes arise within the context of your entertainment business, such as disputes related to copyright enforcement, taxation, contracts, employment, or labor laws. Read More